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Robotic Guard™ With a Human Touch

Step 1: Submit Article

First an article is submitted in plain text to our system. Our proprietary software then parses the article to learn what it is about along with the writers style. If the article has been posted on other sites with the permission of the author that information is also collected at this point. With the Article Guard protection the author is given a 6 month free trial to which allows the author to allow other sites to reprint the article for free or at a fee. For more information visit

Step 2: Search And Destroy

Now that Article Guard™ has the article it can start to search the web and find similar and identical articles using propritary logic. All the sites that have articles that are at least similar are stored to be compared even more closely against the article in question.

The Human Touch (Step 2 cont.)

This is where the "Human Touch" starts. We manually check out the search results to compare them to your article in cases where results are even slighly similar. This allows you, the end user, to spend less time going over possibly hundreds of pages and sites yourself. Our trained experts poor over all the results to make sure everything is that much more accurate. The results of the searching and the human comparision is then taken over to Step 3 where we also add a human touch to the process to make sure results are as flawless as possible.

Step 3: Compile Results

At this point the Article Guard™ software has sites on the internet that have articles that are similar or identical to the articles and the information is then compiled but some final comparisons need to be done. The system marks the articles as identical if there is little to no doubt that it is the same article, similar if there is a pretty good chance that the article is the same, and possible if there is a slight chance it is the same. If an article is marked as possible then the system is really saying it looks like it might be a derivitive work.

The Human Touch (Step 3 cont.)

Step 4: Generate Report

The information compiled in Step 3 are then used to generate a report which takes into account information give in Step 1; mainly the information about sites given permission to use the article. The user is then give an interface where they can see all the sites that the article in question on it (marked as either identical, similar, or possible), then beyond there there is a marking that lets the user know if the site was given permission to use the article or not.

After Step 4: User Responsibilities

Once the user can see the report they are then urged to contact sites that have not gotten permission to use the article. There are a few different steps that can be taken in contacting the sites in question and more information about that can be found in our help section. If the user contacts a site and decides they want the site to be able to use their article they can then mark the site in the interface as an approved site. The interface should be used to keep track of where your articles are and who has permission to use them so you can tell how your articles are doing.

Sites that are not already marked before searching will be marked as new sites and you will have to decide if you have give that site permission to use your article. If you have not given them permission to use your article you will want to check out our help section on what you should do when someone uses your article without our authorization.