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When is this site going to go live?

This site is going to enter public beta testing October 1st, 2004. If you would like to be involved in the public beta testing please send an e-mail to betatest at articleguard dot com telling us you would like to be involved. We will then get you the required information to be involved.

Why was started?

Like many people out there the creators of had specific knowledge in certain areas so they started to write articles not only to share their knowledge but to promote themselves and their web sites. Over time the creators had noticed that some people were taking their articles and not giving them credit and yet others were straight out stealing their articles and calling them their own.

The only services out there that the creators could find were Lawyers and they charged a lot of money per hour to do the searching and the searches took hours. The other option was to go to each search engine and manually search but that again took hours as that is pretty much what the lawyers were doing. So the creators of decided to create a service that would optimize the process and that is how was started.

How is better than applying for a copyright? and a copyright are two distinct entities. travels the entire Internet looking for your article. The service then gives you the url of where your article was found and information pertaining to if it contains your copyright or not. This will allow you to make sure you are getting credit for your article.

A copyright consists of filing an application with the federal government which says the piece of work in question is yours and then they put it on file. This is useful to you when you find someone not only using your work without permission but also calling that work their own. A copyright gives you a legal right to the article so you can go to the persons web hosting company and make them take the article off their site.

We at suggest you copyright all your works and use our service as a way to make sure that your works are not being used without your permission and more importantly in most cases, that you are getting links back to your site.

What do I do if someone is using my article without permission?

This is not meant to be legal advice. You should contact an attorney to find out the correct way to handle each situation as all situations are different.

You will probably want to search the site for an e-mail address. If one is not found then you can usually just e-mail and let them know it is your article and that you require your copyright to appear on all your works and a link. As long as it is done in a nice way the majority of sites will be more than happy to add in the information.

If they do not add in your information or even worse start to claim that the article is theirs then you have a much larger problem and it will require you to consult with your attorney. You will probably wish you had a copyright at this point in time if you did not get one.